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Blue Origin launches 6-person crew into space

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(NBC News) — Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin carried six more space tourists out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The fourth crewed spaceflight for Blue Origin lifted off its launch site in West Texas on Thursday.

The rocket carried the six on board into suborbital space, where they were able to experience zero-G conditions.

After the booster rocket separated from the capsule, it settle back down on the target to be reused.

And just ten minutes after liftoff, the capsule floated back down under three parachutes, raising a plume of dust on the desert floor as the six passengers returned to Earth and celebrated the ride.

The mission was called NS-20 in honor of the 20th flight of the new Shepard vehicle.

SNL star Pete Davidson was supposed to be on the flight, but canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

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