Dognapping: 2 designer bulldogs stolen from Detroit family’s backyard

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Two designer bulldogs were dognapped from a Detroit home on Tuesday.

The incident happened on May 24 in the 17300 block of Sorrento Avenue.

The Detroit family said they let their dogs out around dinner time, and that is when their dogs were taken.

Antanajah Butler, the dog mom of the missing bulldogs, said that the family’s security cameras recorded the dognapping.

“He came up, walked past the cars, he still broke the gate and took the dogs out,” Butler said as she explained how the dognapper took her bulldogs. The thief also had a getaway driver in a white Pacifica, according to the footage.

Butler tells Local 4 that Kardi, a two-year-old English bulldog, and Nova, a four-month-old French bulldog, are designer dogs and cost around $16,000.

“Not only are you taking somebody’s dog, but you’re taking out of their pockets because they weren’t cheap at all,” said Butler.

The family is offering $10,000 for a safe return of their dogs.

The Detroit family tells Local 4 that the dognapping is a heartbreaking loss, and they plan on moving out of the neighborhood they are currently in after living there for three years. The family also said they believe that this dognapping was planned.

“How can I live here when someone can violate me and take my dogs that I worked hard for,” said Butler.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Detroit Police Department at 313-267-4600

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