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Elderly Brandon woman charged for iPhones she didn't order, son says

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TAMPA, Fla. (WLFA) – A Brandon man is trying to help his elderly mother after he says a crook ordered two iPhones in her name.

The phones were delivered to her house, but son David Duncan says he stepped in before the crooks got the phones. Two months later, though, he says he’s getting the runaround about getting a refund for his mother.

The phones were two brand new iPhones sent to her by Spectrum Mobile and charged to her Spectrum account.

“By the time I ended up showing up to her her house, which was probably a half hour or 45 minutes later, she had already received a second package from FedEx with two shipping labels,” Duncan said.

Then came a phone call, he says, from someone claiming to work for Spectrum, saying the phones were sent in error and to use the return labels to send them back. But the address was for a house in New Jersey, not a Spectrum office.

And when he tried to log onto her online Spectrum account:

“They completely commandeered her Spectrum account so that if Spectrum tried to reach out to her, they would be reaching out to the crooks and she would be none the wiser,” he said.

Investigator Shannon Behnken reached out to Spectrum and a spokesman said this type of fraud is impacting many companies. He said he would escalate this investigation and get it resolved.

Meanwhile, Duncan says it’s unclear how someone was able to access his mother’s Spectrum account and order the phones. He suspects identity theft.

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