Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe embarks on the biggest project of his career

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Daniel Radcliffe was revealed to the general public thanks to the Harry Potter saga . If since then, the actor has distinguished himself in many other films, he now wishes to devote himself to a new project , which, at the dawn of his 324 years, could mark a real turning point in his career .

Daniel Radcliffe, raised to the rank of star from an early age

In 2001, little Daniel Radcliffe took his first steps in the cinema with The Tailor of Panama. The same year, he integrated one of the greatest projects of his life by being chosen in the role of Harry Potter . For more than ten years, the actor lent his features to the sorcerer’s apprentice, hence the attachment of fans to him. Since the end of the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe has starred in Horns, Doctor Frankenstein, Elusive 2 or Guns Akimbo . Next, he will star in Weird: The Al Yankovich Story.

Although Daniel Radcliffe has a busy schedule for the next few months, he still found the time to do something that has been close to his heart for many years . The actor intends to move from the rank of actor to that of screenwriter-director, since he has just written a script based on his cinematographic experiences . As he reveals to Empire, he would now like to direct it.

I have an idea for something I wrote. I intend to lead the project. It will be in a few years, because the 33 next months at least are already pretty much taken. People always say, ‘Write what you know’. I had a very unrecountable life, so I don’t want to write that‘. But I found a way to write something that’s kind of related to the film industry, about it.”

Daniel radcliffe to the realization: will resume he also his role as an actor?

As he explains, Daniel Radcliffe would highlight his life as a child star in Hollywood and all that marked him during his career. However, he wishes to concentrate solely on directing and not about a potential acting role within the project: “I would just like to direct, for two reasons – partly because I’ve never done it before, and I wouldn’t want to think about those two things at the same time. But more concretely, because when you make a film, you have to watch this film a thousand times after editing, and I categorically refuse to see my face so much.”


If Daniel Radcliffe’s plans do not change in the meantime, this project should not see the light of day before a few years.The opportunity to discover a new facet of the work of the star of Harry Potter. The principal concerned should not delay to give more details on this feature film which could literally change his life!

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