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Man climbs tower in Oklahoma City as anti-abortion protest

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Officials took a man into custody Tuesday after he scaled a large building in downtown Oklahoma City as an anti-abortion protest.

Police said a man on the ground ran from police while the other climbed the outside of Devon Tower. The tower has 50 floors and is the tallest building in Oklahoma.

The man did not appear to have any climbing gear with him but was using chalk. He often climbed a few floors and then stopped to rest.

Officials on the roof of the building with climbing ropes put the man in handcuffs as soon as he reached the top.

The man, identified as Maison Des Champs, live streamed the climb on Instagram.

Des Champs calls himself “Pro-Life Spiderman” and is no stranger to climbing buildings. According to his public relations firm, he has scaled other skyscrapers in major U.S. cities in the last month including the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and the New York Times Building in New York City.

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