Michigan election 2022: Your guide to newly drawn congressional districts

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Redistricting is the process of enacting new congressional and state legislative district boundaries based on updated population data.

Michigan’s 13 U.S. representatives and 148 state legislators are all elected from political divisions called districts. District lines are redrawn every ten years following the completion of the United States Census.

Michigan’s new congressional and legislative district boundaries officially became law on March 26, 2022. A 2018 constitutional amendment transferred the power to draw district lines from the state legislature to an independent redistricting commission, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. This is the first time in state history that the redistricting process was handled by an independent citizen-led group.

With the Midterm Elections approaching (Aug. 2) and absentee voter ballots arriving, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the new districts, your ballot and candidates might look a little different. Below you’ll find candidates listed by district as well as maps of new district lines. (You can also use this interactive map to use your address)


Bob Lorinser (D.)

Jack Bergman (R.)


Jerry Hilliard (D.)

John Moolenaar (R.)

Thomas J. Norton (R.)

District Two Congressional Map


Hillary Scholten (D.)

John Gibbs (R.)

Peter Meijer (R.)

District Three Congressional Map


Bill Huizenga (R.)

District Four Congressional Map


Bart Goldberg (D.)

Sherry O’Donnell (R.)

Tim Walberg (R.)

District Five Congressional Map


Debbie Dingell (D.)

Hima Kolanagireddy (R.)

Whittney Williams (R.)

District Six Congressional Map


Elissa Slotkin (D.)

Tom Barrett (R.)

District Seven Congressional Map


Daniel T. Kildee (D.)

Paul Junge (R.)

Candice Miller (R.)

Matthew Seely (R.)

District Eight Congressional Map


Brian Jaye (D.)

Michelle R.E. Donovan (R.)

Lisa McClain (R.)

District Nine Congressional Map


Huwaida Arraf (D.)

Carl J. Marlinga (D.)

Rhonda Powell (D.)

Angela Rogensues (D.)

Henry Yanez (D.)

John James (R.)

Tony Marcinkewciz (R.)

District Ten Congressional Map


Andy Levin (D.)

Haley Stevens (D.)

Mark Ambrose (R.)

Matthew DenOtter (R.)

District Eleven Congressional Map


Kelly Garrett (D.)

Shanelle Jackson (D.)

Rashida Tlaib (D.)

Janice Winfrey (D.)

Steven Elliott (R.)

James Hooper (R.)

Hassan H. Nehme (R.)

District Twelve Congressional Map


John Conyers III (D.)

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D.)

Micheal Griffie (D.)

Adam Hollier (D.)

Sharon McPhail (D.)

Sam Riddle (D.)

Portia Roberson (D.)

Lorrie Rutledge (D.)

Shri Thanedar (D.)

Martell D. Bivings (R.)

District Thirteen Congressional Map

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