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Number of Americans who believe in God at lowest level in 78 years of polling

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — American belief in God is at its lowest point since 2017 when it was 87%, according to Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll. The survey has been performed every year since 1944.

The poll, conducted in May, found that 17% of Americans don’t believe in God at all. The new poll results show a nearly 10% drop in belief compared to 67 years of surveying from 1944 to 2011, according to Gallup. “Between 1944 and 2011, more than 90% of Americans believed in God,” Gallup said.

In 2022, only 81% of Americans believed in God.

“Belief in God has fallen the most in recent years among young adults and people on the left of the political spectrum,” Gallup reported. “These groups show drops of 10 or more percentage points comparing the 2022 figures to an average of the 2013-2017 polls.”

While only 62% of politically liberal Americans believe in God, Gallup found 94% of conservatives do. However, when split by political party rather than political leaning, 72% of Democrats surveyed said they believe in God, while 92% of Republicans do. Gallup said it showed “religiosity is a major determinant of political divisions in the U.S.”

According to the polling data, more women and more people of color believe in God than men, or non-Hispanic white Americans. Younger crowds also believed in God at lower percentages, with older generations having stronger faith.

Married Americans are also more likely to believe in God, according the Gallup survey. Parents were also had higher percentages of belief in God, though the gap was smaller between those with children than those who were married.

“About half of those who believe in God — equal to 42% of all Americans — say God hears prayers and can intervene on a person’s behalf,” Gallup said about answers to follow-up questions. “Meanwhile, 28% of all Americans say God hears prayers but cannot intervene, while 11% think God does neither.”

While younger Americans have a smaller percentage of those who believe in God compared to older generations, 30% still believe that “God hears prayers and can intervene,” Gallup reported. According to the survey results, and historical data on the subject, Gallup said even compared to five years ago, fewer Americans believe in God.

Belief was at its highest in the 1950s and 1960s, “when almost all Americans did.” Even though belief has declined, Gallup said they’ve noted “steeper drops in church attendance, church membership, and confidence in organized religion.”

They said that may mean religious practice may be less common than a “basic faith in God.”

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