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Ukrainian mother who wrote contact info on daughter's back says she is safe

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(WFLA) — A Ukrainian mother who now famously wrote her contact information and daughter’s name on the child’s back when Russian troops invaded Ukraine recently posted that the child is safe.

On April 1, Sasha Makoviy touched hearts around the world when she shared a photo of her young daughter’s back, with contact information written on the child’s skin so she could be identified if she was found as a lone survivor, or if the two were separated.

The woman also said, in a moment of panic, she considered the option of tattooing the information on her daughter to make sure the message would not fade away if it was needed.

Makoviy said it “hurt” to look through her phone’s photo gallery to see the old pictures of the “wonderful life” they had in Kyiv.

After receiving hundreds of messages asking about the child’s condition, Makoviy posted an update saying she was “moved to tears” by the outpouring of support. She said she and her daughter had safely crossed the border, and were staying with volunteers in southern France.

“I’d like to say thank you to French volunteers, and everyone who helped us and supported us as we were fleeing the war,” Makoviy wrote in the post. “My warmest thanks to the people of Poland🇵🇱. Your generosity and compassion is priceless. Your support is what keeps us going.”

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